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The Precision Of 3D X-Rays ~ Lowry Dentist

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Thanks to high-resolution, 3D X-rays, our placement of dental implants can be more precise than ever before, which leads to great outcomes and great smiles!

No more biting down on those bite-wing X-rays, which only provide limited information. With 3D X-rays, we don’t place anything inside your mouth. Instead, you bite down on a stick, and the 3D scanner circles around your head, taking images from all angles. The procedure is quick and easy, and you’re exposed to less radiation than with traditional X-rays.

The 3D X-rays can give us a clear picture of:

Once we have the 3D images, we then use a dental CAD process (computer-aided design) to develop a surgery guide, which helps ensure precise placement of the implant. This state-of-the-art technology also plays a role in creation of the restoration (crown, bridge, or denture) that will be placed on top of the dental implant.

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