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Mini dental implants are smaller than regular dental implants and can be an excellent alternative for people who don’t have adequate bone mass in their jaws to support a regular implant post. Similar to regular implants, mini dental implants can support crowns, bridges, and dentures.

What Are Mini Dental Implants
Mini dental implants, like regular implants, are posts that are surgically embedded into the jaw bone. Replacement teeth (crowns) are then attached to the posts. More narrow than traditional implants, mini dental implants work well for: narrow spaces, front teeth, small teeth, and pre-molar teeth. Mini dental implants can also be used to anchor lower jaw, partial dentures. Their circumference is roughly the same as that of a toothpick.

How Much Do Mini Dental Implants Cost
In general, mini dental implants will cost less than traditional dental implants, because the procedure is far less complex, with less dental visits required. The cost for mini dental implants will vary depending on the number of teeth being replaced and the number of implants. In a free implant consultation, we can discuss your options, the costs, and potential insurance coverage.

Mini Dental Implants And Dentures
Mini dental implants can be used to anchor upper and lower partial dentures, although they’re used more commonly with lower dentures. Mini dental implants were approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2003 for use with dentures. To anchor dentures securely, it could take as many as 4-6 mini dental implants.

Option For People Who Aren’t Good Candidates For Dental Implants
The best thing about mini dental implants is that they offer an implant option for people who aren’t good candidates for regular dental implants because of dental history, medical history, bone loss, or due to narrow spaces.

Mini Dental implant Procedure
Mini dental implants require the same careful planning as regular dental implants, and we use 3D X-rays and CAD design imaging to aid in precise placement. We’ll also analyze the force of your bite and potential  grinding habits, to ensure that you’ll be a good candidate for mini dental implants.

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Please note: Our dental office is in Lowry, and in addition to mini dental implants, we also offer traditional dental implants and traditional dentures.