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George Washington had a set of false teeth made out of cow’s teeth, walrus teeth, and even hippopotamus teeth. So, it’s clear that dentures have been around, in some form, for centuries. But today’s dental implants offer a much better, more reliable, higher-functioning, and more attractive alternative to dentures.

The fact that you can avoid ever having to wear dentures is one of the most exciting, promising advances in modern dentistry.

While a set of dentures is less expensive than the cost of implants, the benefits of implants are immeasurable.

The main benefits of dental implants include:

The main drawbacks of dentures include the following:

For people who can’t function adequately with conventional dentures, implants offer the best hope. The problems of patients who have lost teeth begin when the parts of the jawbone that originally housed the teeth begin to shrink. This shrinking, called resorption, is progressive. As the jawbone becomes smaller, there is less bone to comfortably anchor the denture. As a result, many people struggle with dentures that don’t allow them to smile naturally, speak clearly, or chew comfortably. If that’s the case, we may be able to design a custom combination dental implant / denture solution that will work for you.

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