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Dental Implants – Starting At Just $2,495

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Dental implants are one of the most exciting breakthroughs in modern dentistry. While implants have been widely available for more than thirty years, with each passing year, the implant techniques and materials have improved.

What Is A Dental Implant
A dental implant is a post, typically made out of titanium, that’s surgically placed in your jawbone. The post fuses with your bone and stays there permanently, essentially serving as a substitute for your tooth root. An abutment fits onto the implant and is used as a connector between the implant and the replacement tooth. A crown serves as the replacement tooth, and it will match the look and feel of your natural teeth.

Implants Vs Bridges
If you’re missing a single tooth, a dental implant can be a great alternative to a bridge. With a bridge, we need to put crowns on the two teeth next to the missing tooth (potentially compromising otherwise healthy teeth), with a crown in the middle. The cost of a bridge can exceed the cost of a single-tooth dental implant, and it’s less likely to last as long or feel as natural as an implant.

Implants Vs Dentures
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of dental implants, though, is the fact that they can eliminate the need for dentures, or they can be used to anchor in partial or full dentures.

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