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Affordable Dental Implants ~ Lowry, Denver

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We’re quite pleased to offer single-tooth dental implants, starting at a price of just $2,495.

If you’ve been given a price quote for a dental implant, you probably know that the cost represents a significant savings over what most dentists, clinics, and centers in the Denver metro area are charging for dental implants.

How are we able to offer affordable dental implants? In large part, because of improvements in the techniques, as well as new materials that have come out on the market.

Thanks to the amazing technology of 3D X-rays, we’re able to get a comprehensive picture of your mouth, including: teeth, nerves, roots, bones, and gums. We use these X-ray images, combined with a dental CAD (computer-aided design) process to develop a surgery guide. We can also make models of your mouth. All of this upfront planning leads to quicker, more comfortable surgery.

The other reason we’re able to offer dental implants for less is because some of the materials we use have come off patents, and their “generic” equivalents are available at just a fraction of the cost. Just as with generic medicines that typically perform as well as the original patented medications, this new round of dental implant materials is as safe and durable as their predecessors.

In order to make dental implants even more accessible, several financing options are available, including in-office financing and CareCredit financing..

If you have dental insurance, we’ll be happy to file a pre-determination of benefits with your dental insurance company, so that you’ll know how much your out-of-pocket expenses will be. We’ll also file a claim with your dental insurance company and wait for reimbursement – you’ll only need to pay your deductible and any estimated co-pays at the time of service.

If you have further questions about the cost of dental implants or would like to schedule a free implant consultation, call us at (303) 214-9195, or e-mail

Please Make Note: Our dental office is in Lowry, in east Denver,  near 6th Avenue and Quebec. If you live or work in Park Hill, Mayfair, or Stapleton, you’re near us. For your convenience, we offer early morning appointments.