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Cost Of Dental Implants ~ Lowry, Denver

Would you like to find out more about dental implants and/or get a second opinion? We’re pleased to offer a free consultation, just call (303) 214-9195 to schedule an appointment.

We’re pleased to offer affordable dental implants, starting at the low cost of $2,495. This price includes cost of the dental implant and the restoration (crown) for a single tooth, and represents a significant savings over the price that many other dentists, clinics, and centers in the Denver metro area are charging for implants.

What will be the exact cost of your implant? When you come in for a free dental implant consultation, we can discuss the specific costs for your situation. The price of the implant procedure will depend on whether additional surgery is needed beyond the simple placement of the implant (e.g. a bone graft, a tooth extraction, or gum surgery), as well as the estimated number of appointments for your procedure.

Once we know what will be required in the dental implant procedure, we’ll be happy to submit a “pre-determination of benefits” to your insurance company. This pre-determination will give you a good idea of how much your dental insurance plan will cover, and how much you’ll need to pay out of pocket.

To help with the costs of your implants, we’re pleased to offer in-house financing (with interest), which will allow you to split the payments over an extended period of time. We also accept CareCredit financing.

When you compare the cost of a single-tooth dental implant at $2,495, versus the cost to make a traditional three-part bridge to fill the gap for a lone missing tooth, there could be a significant savings. After all, you’re only having one new tooth fabricated, not three.

If you have questions about the cost of dental implants and/or your insurance coverage, or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us at (303) 214-9195, or e-mail

Please note: Our dental office is in east Denver, in Lowry, near 6th and Quebec. We’re near the Mayfair, Park Hill, and Stapleton neighborhoods. We offer early morning appointments.