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Dental Implants = Beautiful Smiles

Dental implants offer a beautiful and a functional solution for missing teeth! Whether you’ve lost teeth because of illness, heredity, or injury, dental implants can be a great option – and in the majority of cases, a much better choice than traditional dentures or bridges.

We’re pleased to offer affordable dental implants, starting at a cost of just $2,495 for a single implant!

Dental implants are artificial substitutes for natural tooth roots. The lightweight posts are surgically placed in the gums or in your jawbone, and replacement teeth (crowns or even dentures) are attached to them.

The primary types of dental implants include:

Dental implants can provide support for improved appearance, speech, comfort, and chewing ability. They look and function as beautifully as your own natural teeth…no one but you will know the difference!

Today’s dental implants mark a significant improvement over the first generations of implants, which were introduced into mainstream dentistry more than thirty years ago. There are more dental implant options now than ever before!

If you’re considering getting dental implants, now is the time to schedule a free dental implant consultation (which includes X-rays), (303) 214-9195, or e-mail

You may just start smiling widely when you hear the possibilities for a more beautiful smile!


Fast Facts About Implants